Monday, October 7, 2013

still kiting

 me and josh went to Pleasure Bay a few weeks ago.  It was a cold tuesday morning.  We left MITERS at 5:30AM.  We took the T with our wetsuits and kites and a board.  I had to be back for class at 10.  The wind slowly picked up as the sun got higher.  Just before we had to leave, Josh got to skimming.

 we got to practice jumping too.
 thanks to a few persistent MITER-folk (dgonz, krazer, amongst others), the "crufted" CNC mill is now mostly functional.  Here's dgonz's excellent post about how that happened.
me and josh played around with the CNC mill and some lights.  hey, is that star in the background?

fall's getting here.


  1. We'd better get leafing soon! How's next weekend?