Wednesday, May 15, 2013


I took one of the big project classes in Course II (mechE) this semester, 2.007.  2.007 is Design and Manufacturing I.  The class is interesting because it attempts to teach you how to design and build mechanical things, in a semester.  That's a pretty ambitious goal, especially given that the class contains about 200 students with varying levels of experience in building stuff.  To give students a better chance of learning what they want to learn, 2.007 has a few separate sections.  This year, there were three.  The standard (and largest) 2.007 section is robotics, in which students build robots to compete in various tasks requiring clever mechanisms, dexterity, and programming skill.  The other sections offered in SP2013 were underwater robotics (led by Ed Moriarty and TA'd by djwise, among others), and electric vehicles, dubbed 2.00gokart.