Sunday, February 17, 2013

wood things, rolling things

I slept a whole lot this IAP.  While I wasn't sleeping, I got a few things done. 

 I finally got around to making a shavehorse for use at MITERS.  It was a one-night, sleepless, "I feel like a perfectly benign and also quite insane person in the morning" kind of job.  All of the wood used to make it was dumpstered.  I suppose it did have a fair number of nails in it to start with, but they caused no problems after being removed.

A little bit of soap on the screws stops them from squeaking.  Thanks amyqian!
 The design is pretty suboptimal, but it does fold to some degree so that it fits on the shelf above the bandsaw.  It sure does feel good to use one of these things again.

I saw for the first time a bird eating blueberries at haymarket.  It had a long beak, excellent for extracting tidbits through the holes in the cartons.

Nouyang convinced me to take an epic walk around boston

Oh, and I got the extremely derpy rolling car seat working for shane's going away party.  It takes input from a derpy joystick fed into a derpy arduino, which then uses some poorly written code to knock around the gate drivers on a hacked wheelchair motor controller.  At 500 Hz.  sorry legit motor controller people.

the future is strange.  at least there are wooden spoons to comfort us.