Sunday, October 23, 2011


I got a makership from MITERS!  Basically, this means that I get teh monies to help me pay for materials to build something cool.  So, what'll it be?

R/C tricopters are fun.  They're also pretty hard to fly, and end up being crashed a lot.  Crashes break stuff, broken stuff costs money and stops you from flying - general unhappiness.  Some folks use complex controllers with lots of sensors and features to keep their multicopters from tipping over.  That stuff is expensive, and it probably won't end up teaching the pilot much if it auto-stabilizes and stops itself from crashing into things.  So instead of making one of those, I'm going to take the stubborn approach.  This tricopter will embrace crashes. be sad to a lesser extent when becoming acquainted with walls at high speed.

For some reason, the wild and wonderful people of MITERS seem to consider sharp spinning things dangerous, and they have dubbed my project the Tri-DeathCopter!