Wednesday, April 10, 2013


I cut out some roof panels for the yurt after doing some (very) approximate trig.

 After stitching them up, they didn't come out quite right but it's whangleable.
I loaded up the bike trailer with all of the yurt parts today and rode back to EC.  It handled well, although the crufted bike trailer wheels seem to have lost a bit air while sitting for a month.  I couldn't tell whether the increased pedaling resistance was normal given the amount of stuff being hauled.  Next time, I'll pump up the tires good and hard first.
Although the varnish is over a week dry, it still smells a bit.  I keep my window open for some cross-flow.  I'm looking forward to this weekend (CPW) when I plan on leaving it assembled for a few days in the courtyard.  Closer and closer I get to leaving institvte housing and becoming nomadic.

Here are some pictures of the experimental courtyard yurting:

warm weather layers are thin and don't do much but break the wind.  This winter, I'll have to get it bundled up real good.