Monday, May 14, 2012

wood auger

I went to the forge today and started my first wood auger.  It's supposed to look something like this.

well, proportions are tricky.

 There's still filing and grinding to do to get it to a usable state.
That last shot is of the end that's supposed to fit into a handle.  I figure a piece of hardwood with a square hole chiseled into it will accept this.  If not, maybe I'll forge a loop into the end of it, so I can just jam a stick through.
This one's just mild steel, it was the only stock I could find that was in a convenient shape.  We'll see how it performs.

Well, after a bunch of filing, it sort of works.  Here's Bayley drilling through a 2x4
 It took a while, and it was definitely the auger's fault.  I need to use harder steel, make a nicer leading screw, and hold finer tolerances.

I picked up an old brace and bit at swapfest for 4 dollars from russian tool guy.  It looks sort of like this one.
Maybe I'll try making a bit for this.